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About me


Whitney Blair Kobrin

     As a certified Love Coach, I help women to love themselves, love their lives, and attract lasting love.  I can help you identify your blind spots and break through your personal barriers because everyone, including you, deserves love.

My clients love my coaching because:
1. I incorporate holistic healing and aligning your whole self, including emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical dimensions.
2. I am an expert in physical embodiment and have trained with Anna Rova, a feminine embodiment expert, which helps clients gain peace and clarity, and reconnect with their body, gut, and intuition.
3. My clients break through their blind spots which get in the way of finding love, including fears, limiting beliefs, and old patterns that don’t work.
4. I have a research-based, proven process to completely reinvent online dating to find exceptional, compatible dates.


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My story:

    I haven't always been happy in love. I’ve been a single parent, navigating the world of online dating, singles events, and modern communication, and have pushed forward through failed relationships, rejection, and disappointment. In my younger years, I started out needy and desperate for love, attaching to anyone who gave me a decent amount of attention. Eventually, I changed my approach and started chasing the guys that I wanted. 

I spent a year obsessing over a man I thought was "perfect" for me. He was tall, handsome, funny, sweet, had a great job, and we had a lot in common. But he was actually emotionally unavailable and far from perfect. I eventually told him my true feelings: "You tell me you love me, but I just don't feel loved" and he replied, "Why don't you just stuff down all your feelings like I do?" Wow! At that moment, I finally figured out what was really important to me. I dumped him, and right after that, I began dating the man who would become my husband. In a sudden turn of events, I became a widow when I lost my husband in 2017 after what was supposed to be a routine back surgery. I was devastated and grieved my love, our life, and the future we planned together. 

     Through my hardship, I eventually transformed my life including my home, my career, my friends, and I am happy to say that I have a loving relationship that blows me away every single day. I am loved, respected, supported, encouraged, and utterly cherished, and this is the kind of love I want YOU to have. 

    I've cried (a lot) through difficult times, and laughed in the happy ones, and sometimes cried happy tears and laughed in times of uncertainty. But I learned the important lesson that our emotions are NOT our enemy. When we listen to our emotions, our bodies, and our intuition, along with the guidance of a professional coach, we have the exact recipe to create our best life. I found joy in being vulnerable and radically honest. I faced the darkest parts of my past and felt my deepest feelings. I got to know myself more deeply than ever, and after it all, my life felt like it was flowing in harmony with the world around me, instead of feeling like everything was an obstacle to overcome. I fell totally in love with myself, attracted my amazing partner, and let love flourish.

     Now I use my life experience, my educational background in psychology, and 15 years of professional Recruiting, Matchmaking, and Coaching experience, to fulfill my life’s purpose daily by helping women who are struggling. I help women create the love story of their dreams by teaching them winning strategies to manifest truly amazing love lives. 

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