About Whitney, Life & Love Coach

As a certified Love Coach, I help women to love themselves, love their lives, and have lasting love. I help women identify their blind spots and break through personal barriers because everyone, including you, deserves love. I coach groups and individuals and run in-person and online workshops, events, and retreats. 

My clients love my coaching because:

  1. This coaching program incorporates holistic healing that aligns your whole self, including mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical dimensions.
  2. There is a foundation of feminine embodiment, which helps clients gain peace, clarity, and magnetism, while reconnecting with their inner wisdom, intuition, and self-trust.
  3. Clients break through their blind spots which get in the way of finding love, including fears, limiting beliefs, and old patterns that don’t work.
  4. This research-based, proven process completely reinvents online dating to find exceptional, compatible dates.

Being happy in love didn't always come easily to me. 

I struggled through feelings of anxiousnessloneliness, and depression over my disappointing love life. 

I’ve been a naive girl, a single mom, and a widow, navigating the world of online dating, singles events, and frustrating modern communication. I've been drawn to men who were neglectful and emotionally unavailable, and I've worked hard (too hard) to win a man's love. 

But at what cost?

 I'd pushed forward through rejectiondisappointment, and loss until I finally decided my well-being and emotional health had suffered long enough!

At that moment, I finally figured out that what was really important to me in a relationship was not just the man I'm with, but how I feel around the man I'm with. So I read all the relationship books and learned from love experts, and things turned around quickly for me. When I shifted my energy, I met the man who would become my husband. I learned and grew so much in my marriage and am immensely grateful

In 2017, however, my husband passed away very suddenly. This was a devastating shock. I grieved for my husband, our life, and the future we planned together. But out of tragedy and hardship, we have the opportunity to arise as a new version of ourselves, like a phoenix from the ashes. In a few years, I transformed my life including a new career, new home in a new state, new school, new friends, and I am happy to say a loving relationship that blows me away every single day.

After everything I went through, I am happy, loved, respected, supported, encouraged, and utterly cherished, and this is the kind of feeling I want YOU to have in love. 

Now I use my life experience, my educational background in Psychology, and 15 years of professional Recruiting, Matchmaking, and Coaching experience, to fulfill my life’s purpose by helping women to finally be happy in love 

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