"The Widowed Parent Podcast" with Jenny Lisk. Episode 133: WHITNEY KOBRIN ON SELF-LOVE & SELF-COMPASSION. Listen on the website or Spotify

"The No-Problem Parenting podcast" with Jaci Finneman. Episode 65: MANIFESTING YOUR IDEAL RELATIONSHIP BEGINS WITH SELF-COMPASSION! Listen on the website or Spotify


"Mission Accepted Podcast" with Deb Drummond. Episode 133: DATING DROPS WITH WHITNEY KOBRIN. Listen on Spotify


 "Take the Leap with Colleen Biggs" podcast. Episode 49: "HAVE LASTING LOVE" Listen on the website or Spotify.


 "Below the Surface" podcast with Sarah O'Brien Hammond. Episode 13: EMPOWERING WOMEN TO LOVE THEMSELVES AND ATTRACT LASTING LOVE  Listen on the website, Spotify or iTunes



"Don't Wait For Your Wake Up Call" Episode 53: THE RELATIONSHIP CLASS YOU NEVER HAD IN HIGH SCHOOL! Listen on the website or Spotify 


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